I am a young interactive media designer and would love to work for a full-service media agency. My time in both web startups and as a freelance designer and developer gives me the discipline and experience needed for front-end web design and development.

Five startups over the past two years have instilled team spirit, efficiency and an ability to use talents and knowledge to quickly solve problems. I have created brand identities before even writing a line of code; averted disasters with hard work and elegance while always ensuring quality and efficiency. One of these startups has been successfully sold, and as lead developer and designer in another, I was indispensable to securing a $1m funding agreement.

In the past decade I have been retained by over a dozen repeat clients and worked on more projects than I can count. My latest commercial client was the “LiveIt! Lifestyle” website, which converted 250 subscription sales in its first month. For this contract I built the back-end framework, implemented visual interfaces and improved the front-end experience based on peer and user review. I am also open to my current clients following me into agency employment.

Before moving to New York, I was educated in Belgium in sciences, math and computer programming, followed by a bachelor of design degree in visual communication and interactive media design in the Netherlands. I am passionate about the visual arts and design, an obsession reflected in my graphic novels collection, my personal art projects and even the way I sign my name. And I sincerely hope to meet you for interview.